TEXT: LUKE 18:1-8

There was a parable spoken by our Lord Jesus. A parable is a usual short fictitious story that illustrate a moral attitude or a religious principle.

   Purpose of the Parable

   To teach importunity in prayer, that man ought always to pray and not faint.

   Importunity is to be importunate, it is to be troublesomely urgent and have excessive decree of persistent in request.

 It also includes asking especially with authority, something that you claim is due to you, that means if you are going to be importunate in prayer, you will know your standing or your right as a child of God. When you are praying for a particular thing, you demand that thing as a matter of right not with pride, but with conviction that you deserve it., Jesus has provided it for me, through Christ Jesus I have a right to claim this unto myself, to appropriate this blessing unto myself and this matter is urgent and it’s not something that is going to be delayed at all , so I will trouble God Almighty concerning it and I will be persistent in my prayers, but that persistency is with an excessive degree, if it is possible I will disturb God about it, 24   hours of the day, 7 days in the week; Saying that God I want you to do it for me I am  not going to give up.

Question 1Why do we faint in prayers?

  1. Delays.
  2. unanswered prayers.

You have prayed with all determination, zeal, persistent agonizing, pleadings, tears, groaning, you have done all these things and yet there is no answer to your prayers, there is the tendency to faint.

The other reason is when the prayer has not even been answered is that a person can be discouraged.

Question 2:  What causes delay?

  1. Unbelief: When there is unbelief, whether you know it or not,  it can cause delay in prayers.
  2. If there is doubt: You are asking for a thing but deep down in your heart you doubt if God will do it for you, that can cause delay.
  3. Fear: Some people when they pray for something, they go through some degree of fear. Fear is in their hearts. Why do they have fear? Satan can bring fear to them.
  4. Satan: Satan can cause delay in prayers.
  5. Enemies: Enemies can cause delay in prayers.
  6. God Himself can cause delay in prayers, but when God causes delay in prayers remember that God’s delay is not God’s denial, remember that God’s time is the best, and God can’t be too late.

Yoruba people say, men are troubled because they are ignorant of God’s time, because we don’t know the time that God will do it, We get troubled. If  delay is from God that is better.

But how do you identify between the one that is from God and all the other ones that we have said? That’s an exercise we must individually carry out. You must know how God deals with you.

Now, on prayers that are not answered; unbelief, doubt, fear, Satan, enemies, God and we ourselves can cause our prayers not to be answered. When we asked amiss, when we asked to please self not pleasing God.

The Various Degrees of Warfare

Now, let’s talk a little bit about the various degrees of warfare;

  1. There’s what is called family or generational warfare:  It is a very difficult one because family differs from families. So, if your children are going to get married, you better check-out the family they are going to before you give them as wife or husband.. You must look before you leap. Love is not blind, the eyes  of love are wide opened. You must check very well and see very well so that you didn’t use your hands to enter into warfare that will be a life-time warfare. So family warfare is a big one and is affecting and afflicting many people.
  • Warfare from one’s parent:

 It is afflicting many people, for some people, their fathers and mothers have given them over to idols, they have made covenant with the idols concerning them and that is a very difficult warfare. Some people inherited evil spirit from their parents and such warfare is very difficult, such people need deliverance, but how do they go about this deliverance.  For such people if they can identify the servant of God that can help them, they must confess their lives to such men of God, those people who can help them for deliverance and such people must determine that they want to be free completely. Many people are going from one deliverance to another yet they are not delivered, what causes it? The reason is this, many are hiding themselves from the servant of God, it is true that God reveals things to His servant but don’t forget that you are the one who needs deliverance, you are the one who needs help, so it is your duty to expose yourself to the person  you are sure that can help you and many are not fully prepared to be free, they may say they want to be free, they only say it by the words of their mouth but deep down in their heart they are not willing to be free and it doesn’t matter what deliverance you may do for them they will still be the same. And many are very careless with the matter of their lives, it does not concern them, they may talk about it but they don’t take it very seriously , they are not prepared to pay the price and that is a problem for them from been delivered. They can go for deliverance and the deliverance ministers can do all they can do for them, they asked me to do something and I do it. He will only do it and punish himself just like that and they come back to the same state but people who want to be totally free from their heart, they are totally yielded and God sees the heart and if they want to be free, the Lord will set them free. So people have gotten their children into serious troubles because of the evil covenant that they have been made for themselves. It is a warfare, a difficult warfare, if Jesus does not set such people free they can’t be set free. Humble yourself under the mighty hand of Jesus, plead, peg, pray, seek the face of God, go into vow but make sure that if you make a vow you must fulfill it. These are signs of seriousness and determination and the Lord will set you free. There is no war that Christ does not have power over and He will set free.

How to be Sure my Prayers are Answered

  1. Be sure you are a child of God that is born again.
  2. Be sure your life is right with God that you are doing the will of God.
  3. Be sure you ask according to the will of God.
  4. Ask in faith not wavering.
  5. Be importunate.
  6. There should be no unbelief
  7. Stand on the promises of God (2 Cor.1: 20).

Whatever God promises if we come through the Lord Jesus Christ, God will fulfill those promises because we are not coming in our own strength but in the ability of the Lord Jesus which he has purchase with His precious blood. We are approaching through that one and all those promises Will be fulfilled. Standing on the promises of God.

  • Count your blessing.
  • Do not give God rest, be reminding the Lord. Oh! Lord do not forget me, open the book of remembrance concerning me, Oh! Lord be merciful unto me, be gracious to me, Oh! Lord glorifies yourself in my life.
  • Fasting and Prayer: you may need to add fasting and prayers to your prayers. God will answer every prayer as we saw in this text (Lk 18:7,8).

Points To Learn From This Scripture

  • That God will answer our prayers, God will avenge us speedily.
  • That Jesus confirmed that God’s own elect has a duty to cry day and night to Him i.e. there is situation/circumstances that will demand that will cry day and night unto God, so it’s not special to one person; our reason may be completely different from one another. Everyone of us have our own various challenges, they differ from one another, there is no child of God that will say he or she is independent of any challenge. Why do people spend so many days in fasting and prayers, is fasting luxury? It’s because of what they are facing. Most of the fasting and prayers are not because of soul-winning. It is because of what we are facing as individual, what various churches and families are facing, What various individual are facing. So if you have reason to cry day and night that is expected as the saint of God, God’s own elect. If you are going through your own don’t magnify it as if you are the only person that is going through something. Everybody knows what he/she is passing through.
  • There’s possibility of divine delays because Jesus said, He bears long with them. i.e. as will cry day and night, as the elect of God that will are doing the perfect will of God, the answers may not come instantly in most cases, there’s possibility of divine delays while, I don’t know but Jesus prophesied it, there is no greater prophet than the Lord Jesus Christ. That was a prophecy concerning us that there may be delays.
  • The delays will not last forever; if there are delays as long as we remain persistent, as long as we are importunate, God will answer our prayers.
  • Therefore, believe God  that your miracles are by your side, this warfare that you see now, you will see them no more in Jesus’ name.
  • The faithless generation: In second part of verse 3, nevertheless, when the son of man comes will He really find faith on the earth. How does faith work? (Heb.11: 1). In Greek word substance means “standing under something”. And it was used in technical sense of title deed so it means standing under the claim to the property to support its validity, so faith is the title deed of thing we are hoping for. Faith is the C of O or the conveyance of that which we are waiting for (for example a property). By faith, you are handed over the C of O of that property to you, so if somebody else is occupying that land and you are the person that have the C of O in your hand, you know you have that right and that person is a trespasser. By faith you own what what you want the Lord to do for you. And now pray that God will increase your faith.

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